Maskulin(e) met en scène deux acteurs utilisant le demi-masque afin d'explorer et critiquer les stéréotypes et rôles traditionnels de l'homme. Malgré leurs opinions progressistes, une compétition s’installe entre les acteurs et il devient clair qu'ils résident en eux certaines notions pré-construites, néfastes et dominantes du patriarcat.


Maskulin(e) follows two actors who perform and critique a series of masked scenes that explore masculine stereotypes. Gradually it is revealed that the actors perpetuate the same behaviour that they are condemning. The tension rises between them as they continue to carry out their tasks as narrators and fight for higher status.

À propos

Maskulin(e) est une pièce de théâtre bilingue conçue afin d'engager un dialogue à propos de la masculinité et comment ses divers stéréotypes s’immiscent dans nos pensées, dans nos actions et dans notre société. La pièce est une fusion du théâtre avec demi-masque et emploi les acteurs en tant que protagonistes


Maskulin(e) is a bilingual theatre performance that uses half-mask theatre and the actors as protagonists to explore manifestations of stereotypical masculinity and how they can be harmful to our thoughts, actions and society. It poses the questions: How can we be both perpetrator and victim of toxic masculinity


Michelle rambharose


Michelle Rambharose is a Guyanese-Canadian theatre creator and performer based in Montreal. She is an alumni of Concordia University’s BFA in Theatre Performance and Black Theatre Workshop’s Artistic Mentorship Program. As an actor, Michelle has performed with companies such as Repercussion Theatre, Tableau d’Hote Theatre, Geordie Theatre, Young People’s Theatre, Playwrights Workshop Montreal, and the National Theatre School of Canada. Her work on Instant with Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre/Geordie Theatre, won the 2018 Dora Mavor Award for Outstanding Production in the Theatre for Young Audiences division. Her works as a performer and/or co-creator of original performances have been showcased at Toronto Fringe, Toronto’s Summerworks, and both her original work and performances have received multiple Montreal English Theatre Award nominations. She continues to develop new work, while improving her craft as a multidisciplinary performer.


Alexandre Lang


Alexandre Lang is a theatre and television actor. He graduated from the ECTQ in camera acting and directing in 2012 and is still improving his skills through the workshops of Danielle Fichaud here in Montreal to this day. He also graduated from a bachelor degree of the theatre program in performance at Concordia in 2016 and keeps sharpening his skills in performance through physical theatre training through clown, bouffon, movement and corporal mime. Since 2016, he has been working on the creation of a devised feminist play called Maskulin(e) in collaboration with Curtis Legault and Michelle Rambharose.


curtis legault


Curtis Legault is a theatre artist, tv and film actor, and a graduate of Concordia University’s BFA - Specialization in Theatre Performance. Curtis has performed in several theatre productions including Oyster/ARENA Festival Germany, Mary Stuart/CABAL, It’s a Wonderful Life/Geordie Theatre, Oedipus/Scapegoat Carnaivale. Select film credits include The Detectives/CBC and The Bold Type/Freeform. Curtis is trained in physical performance techniques, such as Chinese Opera, bouffon, and various forms of mask. Curtis also works as an educator teaching drama classes with Geordie Theatre. Curtis is currently investigating the relationship between academic research and highly physical,